Life is a journey, it is said. And so it is. And, as I can attest, life in Christ is an adventure!

I’m just a simple wife, mom, daughter, sister, friend–much like most of you. Through the years, I’ve been married to a seminary student, a pastor, and now a seminary professor (yes, all the same wonderful man). We’ve been blessed with two awesome kids–a daughter and a son–who are now grown.

I am most definitely a morning person and cherish that time with the Lord, reading His Word and praying. My favorite activities include going on long walks with my husband, reading, writing, singing in choir at church, and learning new things. And I try not to be so busy that I can’t share a friendly conversation over a cup of coffee. Seeking to live the abundant life that Jesus promises is my heart’s desire.

When I wake up each morning, I wonder what this day will bring. Will it be the usual—as I expect it to be? Or will I be surprised by some new twist and unexpected turn? What opportunities will come my way, and will I recognize them as such? How will God work through them to teach me something new and draw me closer to Him?

Each day—new, fresh, alive.

And God…

Oh, precious God! Where would I be without God?!

As I go along this journey—this adventure—called life, I hope you will join me in the amazing wonders of life in Christ Jesus. It is my desire to share the glorious truths of God and His relationship with us, and see where He will lead.

Come walk along the trail with me, as we follow God together.

We’ll take it one step at a time…Simply.

Image: Sabel Moments Photography

                         (Photo by Sabel Moments Photography)


PLEASE NOTE: As of November 2014, I no longer write new posts on this website. My husband, David, and I write on Simply One., a marriage blog, at www.simplyoneinmarriage.com. Please visit us over there by clicking on the image below…


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Blessings to you,

Sabra Penley

Special Invitation:

If you don’t know Jesus, (I mean know Him in the sense that your life is centered around Him and it is your desire to follow Him), let me introduce you. He is absolutely the most awesome Lord! He loves you! Just go to the Meet Jesus tab at the top of this page. You’ll be glad you did!



2 responses to “About

  1. Dianne Thornton

    Hi, Sabra. I’ve enjoyed several of your posts, but never checked out your “About” page. So very glad I did, today. I appreciate the encouragement you leave for me. Thanks. 🙂


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