Moments of Joy

“Surely you have granted him eternal blessings and made him glad with the joy of your presence.” – Psalm 21:6


I used to go for short walks every morning and evening. My dog demanded it. (Nature calls, you know.)

But those daily walks stopped abruptly when my walking buddy died this summer. I took one last slow walk that morning after—leash and collar in hand—just to say goodbye. And crossing over that well-worn path we took each day, I remembered our times together—thanking God for bringing him into our family.

A Reminder of Precious Times

Recently I came across a note I wrote after one of those morning jaunts around our neighborhood. It said…

“I’m amazed at how God always speaks to me when I’m walking the dog. Dog walkingGod talking.”

As I read that note from months before, I realized how much I miss those times. I miss my sweet canine friend. Twelve long years of walking together has left a hole in his absence—one that hasn’t filled in yet.

But this note reminded me of something else. Those walks held more than just companionship with my pet. They were also quiet moments with the Lord, for God was walking with us. As we followed our usual trail, I would pray…and God would always respond. His Spirit would speak to my heart—often His voice so clear I couldn’t wait to get inside to write down what He said.


Needing to Walk

I miss those precious times. My four-legged buddy is no longer here. I have no responsibility to take him out anymore. No need to go out the door and down the path.

But my Lord is still here. The path is still here. And so are mornings and evenings.

And that note has stirred in my heart a longing to recapture those quiet strolls among the trees talking with my God and hearing Him reply.

Maybe I do need to go out the door and down the path each day again after all. This time, though, for me and for my Lord. Not nature calling…but God calling.

Sharing Joy

The words to my grandmother’s favorite hymn are rolling in my mind…

And He walks with me and He talks with me
And He tells me I am His own.
And the joy we share as we tarry there,
None other has ever known.

Joy. Yes, that’s it. Pure joy.

God's sweet presence
Only God can fill the holes in our hearts with joy.

We need Him desperately, don’t we?

Let’s take time today to walk with our Lord and listen as He whispers what we need to hear. And let us also speak to His heart words of love and adoration as we share that sweet time together.

Precious joy.

If you’ll excuse me, I think I’ll go for a walk…

Have a wonderful day!


O Lord, thank You for walking with us each day and speaking to our hearts. May we be faithful to take the time to stay right beside You, to tell You how much we love You, and to listen to Your sweet voice. Thank You for the precious joy that comes from being in Your presence. In Jesus’ name, Amen.


Where is your special place with the Lord? We’d love to know. Please share with us by leaving a comment.


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Scripture from the Holy Bible, New International Version, 1984.
Hymn quoted is “In the Garden” by Charles A. Miles, 1913.
Images by Sabra Penley


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22 responses to “Moments of Joy

  1. I love morning walks for the same reason you do, but I’ve let them slide as I get readjusted to an earlier start to my day now that school has started. I miss that fellowship with the Lord, though. This morning I went out to buy bread and was so glad I did: pink streaks across a dawning blue sky and the setting full moon! So beautiful.


    • Where the night meets the new day–early morning. There’s a beauty there that can’t be found at any other time. Thanks for sharing God’s beauty with us, Betsy.


  2. JamieG

    He whispers what we need to hear…AMEN!


  3. stoopingformanna

    I’m so sorry about your dog. I understand the pain here. But what a blessing that it’s the call of an eternal God who calls us out in our walk and gives us lasting joy. “But my Lord is still here. The path is still here. And so are mornings and evenings.” I loved your beautifully written post!


  4. I’m so sorry about the loss of your dog. 😦 Makes me want to get out and walk my dog more often! Not only for her companionship, but for God’s. Thanks for sharing this, Sabra.


  5. I’ll be taking a walk today “with” you. Been moved to pray circles around our house – so maybe not a beautiful stroll like you – but, hey – the beauty is in the company, right. I’m so sorry about your loss.


  6. Oh, yes, we all need that alone time with God. I find that not having a habit makes it harder to find..but this is a great reminder to find it regardless! Love your heart and these words today, Sabra. Love you!


  7. Stunkard

    I too enjoy long walks with God. I understand missing your walking buddy. I had a Beagle who walked with me for 14 years. I now have a poodle but it’s not the same walk. Nature has a way of bringing us closer to God. Keep walking…


  8. Love this post, Sabra. My quiet place is usually in the shower, because with young kids that is one of the few places I get a moment. 😉 We have two dogs and and they are getting old, so I know that day will come far too soon. Love being out in nature with them too.


    • I remember the days when the bathroom was a true refuge when my kids were little, too. Different stages of life call for different quiet places. May God bless your quiet times with Him.


  9. Sabra, very timely read for me as I am working on a walking program again. I say again because soon the pool will be closed and my walk usually taken in water will need to take to the pavement again. Thanks God water walking has given me more strength. I just thought the other day how I needed to take pad and pen because I have the most profound thoughts as I walk and talk with the Lord and find myself losing them because I get busy when I return from the walk. Lovely post.


  10. Julie Lefebure

    Those times with Him are so precious. The world often pulls us away from those times alone with God. Your words refreshed me and reminded me how intentional I need to continue to be to protect those times with Him. I love walking on our country road. I’m sorry for the loss of your walking buddy. I imagine your heart aches in missing him. Praying God eases the heartache with wonderful memories.


  11. I am so sorry for your loss this summer. Nothing can replace the love of a pet.
    I agree about walking. With or without my dog, I get so much peace and clarity when I walk through our neighborhood. I get many good ideas at those times!


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