Do You Have a Blessing Room?

“Above all, love each other deeply…. Offer hospitality to one another without grumbling. Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” – 1 Peter 4:8-10

Have you ever had your heart set on something and faced giving it up for the sake of someone else? It’s not easy, that’s for sure. Even if you choose to show love to another person by sacrificing what you desire, you can still struggle with self-pity and grumble in your heart. You might feel pulled in different directions—joy in giving and sadness in giving up—a feeling hard to shake.

Hard to Give It Up

I dealt with this feeling recently. Our son was leaving home for graduate school and his bedroom would soon be empty. What would we do with it? Without giving it much thought, I just named it and claimed it—it was going to be MY writing space. My refuge—my quiet place to read, study, and write.


But I forgot God often has other plans. And so He did with this room.

Our sweet daughter asked if she could move back home until her wedding in May.  And, of course, we said yes. Just as we have enjoyed our son being home for a year after college, we will enjoy our daughter being with us these last months before she marries and settles in a home with her new husband.

And while excited to spend more time with her, my heart struggled to let go of MY writing space. Lord, this was supposed to be my quiet place, I whined. But God didn’t let me get away with grumbling and self-pity.

He showed me His plan. He gently whispered, “This isn’t meant to be YOUR room. This is meant to be a blessing room. Right now and always.”

A Blessing Room!

I never saw it that way before. And no wonder! My heart was so filled with a room for myself I couldn’t see a room for blessing anyone else.

When our hearts see only from the desire of our eyes, we cannot see God’s perspective and are blind to His blessings.

The Blessing Room

Asking the Lord’s forgiveness, I started to see this room with His eyes, and the excitement inside me grew. As I recognized the beauty of its purpose, all those negative feelings melted away and turned to pure joy.

A blessing room is a place of love, generosity, and hospitality. A place to bless all who enter.

This room will be a blessing…

                …for our daughter to live in until she marries.

                …for us to spend more time with her now.

                …as a guest room for visitors later on.

                …as a quiet place for study and writing when empty.

Who knows all the ways God will use it in the future.


But here is the key. It is God’s room. It is to be used for His purposes. And He desires to bless everyone through it.

It’s the same with our hearts. They belong to God and He has created us to bless others with all the blessings He has given us.

When you make room in your heart for others, your heart itself becomes a blessing room. Always open, always giving, always full of love and grace.

And that’s the heart of God, isn’t it?

Bless All Who Enter

How to Let Go and Fully Give

So when we’re faced with those unwanted feelings that wreak of self, let’s take them captive and confess them before the Lord. He will whisper just what we need to hear to see our situation from His perspective and guide us to a new understanding. And as we surrender, our hearts will be filled with joy and peace and open to pour out God’s abundant blessings.

Do you have a blessing room?

Dearest Father, how we need to see Your perspective on every part of our lives. Reveal to us where our hearts are closed to loving others. Help us to open our hearts to You fully so we may shower Your love and grace on all those around us and be the blessing You created us to be. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Blessings to you,
All Scripture from New International Version, 1984.
Images by Sabra Penley.
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24 responses to “Do You Have a Blessing Room?

  1. Andrew

    This is so true! Inspiring. Thank you!


  2. Kathryn Shirey

    This is beautiful. I read this sentence without the “a”s and it spoke to me in an even deeper way. “My heart was so filled with room for myself I couldn’t see room for blessing anyone else.” When we focus on ourself – fill our heart with our wants – we don’t have room in our heart for anyone else (or God). Need to let this one settle into my soul.


    • Good observation, Kathryn! Funny how one little word can change the meaning. And yet the message is still so much the same, isn’t it? Full of self…less of others. Less of self…more of others. Thanks for sharing! Blessings on your day!


  3. I just love this, Sabra. The analogy you made between the room and our hearts rings so true. How many times I have been in that same position, so concerned with my wants and desires that I didn’t recognize what God was doing. Thank you for this beautiful reminder that his plans are so much better. There is abundance when we see thing through Him.


  4. Julie Lefebure

    I love this, Sabra. A blessing room. You’ve inspired me. My daughter’s bedroom sits empty with just a bed, a dresser and a closet full of off-season clothes. Hmmm… the gears are spinning in my head. I love how God spoke to you so clearly about your room. And I appreciate your transparency in how you wrestled with letting go of “your space.” Such a beautiful example of obedience, my friend. Thank you for sharing this piece of your life. You’ve blessed me today!


    • It is amazing, Julie, how God speaks sometimes. So glad He used this part of my story to inspire you with your own blessing room. Praying He makes it wonderful for all who enter!


  5. Thanks, Sabra, for sharing so honestly a condition we all can struggle with — if we are honest with ourselves and each other. And God gives us things to share. We sold our home last month and God saw fit to bring back all three of my sons and one daughter in love for a summer of saying farewell to the house and each other as we all begin our next chapters. He gifts so we can give…Blessings to you as you bless others.


    • Welcome, Sheila, and thanks for your comments. The Lord definitely gives pours out His blessings! May you and your family find joy and peace in your new surroundings and may your homes be full of blessing.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. Dianne Thornton

    That is a *lovely* room. I’m sure your daughter will enjoy her time there. It looks like a haven. 🙂 She’ll need that. Thanks for this sweet reminder–it’s a blessing!


  7. Sabra,
    I can so relate that it’s difficult to give up our intentions and plans when something unexpected (and even good!) comes our way. How wonderful that you can spend extra time with your daughter and you opened your heart for God to whisper to you!


  8. This is SO good and SO exciting, Sabra! What a beautiful way to see this room. I do not have a room as such, but if I ever get my daughter moved (been trying for over a year), I have a room to do just such a thing with. And I’m the worst at whining…worse than my three-year old most days. I just don’t always do it out loud. God has been revealing that to me a lot lately…so you aren’t alone there. 😉 It’s so beautiful that He loves us anyway and answers our prayers even still. Love you!


  9. “When you make room in your heart for others, your heart itself becomes a blessing room. Always open, always giving, always full of love and grace.”…I love this. Simply true and beautiful. Great post! Visiting from Holley Gerth’s blog!
    Paige Givens


    • Welcome, Paige! Nice to meet you. I just visited your blog and it’s wonderful. Loved your post about why we go to church. Look forward to linking up again on Holley’s blog!


  10. I loved this!!. I want to remember this concept of the blessing room. I love that you recognized the attitude adjustment you needed and adapted. My sister moved in with my husband and I for 7 months at one time and It was difficult, however it was one of the best 7 months I’ve had with her, ever. I would never trade those treasured times. It forever cemented our grown up relationship. I see my parents in that struggle to have her home with them before her marriage in May and see my mom especially having a hard time. I know she sees glimpses of this precious short stage of their life, but then misses it on hard days. I love the concept of a blessing room. When we move and acquire a space like that, I want to picture it like that. Its funny how so often the rooms God asks us to bless others with are less than perfect and often something we would question to be available, but He makes the grace space for them to be so.


    • Hi, Summer! It’s amazing how God brings us closer together in our various life circumstances. And I often wonder how much we miss because we don’t take the opportunities He brings our way. So glad you had those months with your sister. Just read your latest blog post. Loved it! And your blog is so cheerful. I look forward to visiting it again. Blessings to you!


  11. What a beautiful post and a great idea, Sabra. We have an office with a couch bed where visitors stay when they come from out of town. In fact we have one tonight! I’m going to start calling it the blessing room.

    That is SUCH a help to your daughter financially, and so that she won’t have to have the hassle of moving so close to her wedding date. (Major stress for couples I’ve seen.) Two years ago, a dear friend stayed in my daughter’s room for 10 days before her wedding. We cleared out the room a bit to make it like hers. (she needed more than our office before the wedding.) I still remember those days. It was a blessing for US!


    • What a wonderful gift for your friend! And that’s the beauty of blessing, isn’t it? It not only blesses the receiver, but it also blesses the giver! Blessings to you, Betsy!


  12. I love that idea! And that you get to spend this special time with your daughter. I have no doubt you will be a blessing to many!


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