Garbage In – Garbage Out

Do you have a favorite psalm?

It’s hard for me to pick just one. There are so many that have special meaning to me. They have been my constant companion in my most difficult seasons, filling me with strength and hope, drawing me time and time again into God’s presence. And they are full of rejoicing and singing and celebrating our awesome Lord. The psalms are also filled with how to live a life pleasing to God—the life that brings blessing and light.

One of my favorites is Psalm 101. It is a psalm the Lord used to convict me of something harmful I was doing in my life. It may be something you are doing as well. It is very common among believers, and we often don’t recognize it as the danger it is.

I am excited to be writing for The Psalm Series on Katie Reid’s blog Deep Breaths. This series began on May 26th and will run through July 3rd. My post is featured today.

To read this post on Psalm 101, Garbage In – Garbage Out, please join me over there. (Click here.)

Have a blessed day!





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2 responses to “Garbage In – Garbage Out

  1. Thank you Sabra! This is a timely, needed message for today’s Christian woman. Thank you for courageously speaking forth this truth!


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