Lord, hold me together…

The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in Him, and I am helped.

The cracks started appearing quickly in my comfortable little world.

I didn’t recognize them as such at first. My husband’s flu-like symptoms. Weakness. But as the evening rolled around, I could see them becoming clearer, more pronounced…growing.

By the time we reached the hospital, those cracks had become so large, my comfortable little world starting breaking apart. Piece by piece.

Then, just like a hammer blow, I heard those words: “He has a slim chance of survival.”

And I started to fall apart from the inside.

It was as if my heart was breaking, crumbling, and there was nothing I could do about it.

But in that moment, when I thought I would completely break with no hope of repair, my Hero came to the rescue.


He was there. At just the right moment. Before it was too late.

My Lord Jesus was the one that picked up all the pieces of my heart that had started falling apart and put them back together. HE was the glue that patched me up. He wrapped His bandage of love around me to keep me whole. While the forces that caused the cracks and fissures kept pounding away, Jesus would not let them do permanent damage.

I held onto Him tightly as He held on to me.

And the most wonderful thing about the way He mends our broken pieces? We come out stronger than we were before. A bonding agent that gives strength to the weak places—making them greater than before the cracks appeared.

Psalm 147.3


Jesus held onto me and drew me close to Him during many long days of pressure and new cracks that formed. He kept me from falling apart. He was the glue that held me together.

Those pressure days have passed. My husband, by the grace of God, is alive and well. Things are not like they were before. Lasting changes came into our comfortable little world. In many ways, it isn’t as comfortable as it used to be—by worldly standards. But, oh, the comfort of having the Lord by our side…on our side…holding us, mending us, making us stronger so that we may be more useful to Him and bring Him glory.

Thank You, Lord Jesus, for being the glue that holds us together. Thank You for providing peace and strength and the comfort of your loving, healing hands holding us close. You are our Hero—the One with the power to make the broken whole…stronger. May we give You all the glory for the mighty work You do in our hearts and in our lives. Oh, thank You, Lord.


I’ve linked up this post with Five Minute Friday at www.lisajobaker.com. The prompt today: GLUE. These are supposed to be five minutes of writing. Well, I’m a little over, I must say. But it gets me writing and sharing. Hopefully, someday soon I’ll be closer to the five minute mark. Click on the link below to read Lisa-Jo’s post and many others. I’m always amazed at how one word can bring so many different thoughts.

Five Minute Friday

Beginning scripture - Psalm 28:7.
All Scripture from NIV, 1984.
Image by Sabra Penley.   




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10 responses to “Lord, hold me together…

  1. It might be a little over the time, but it’s an inspiring piece that is well worth writing! A lovely testimony, thanks for sharing your story 🙂


  2. Sabra, this is beautiful. Sometime I’d love to hear the details of what happened to your husband. What would we do without Jesus?? He IS the glue that holds us together. Your story is powerful, and many need to hear it. Keep sharing it. Keep writing. Keep focused on Him. Blessings to you and your family this Easter weekend, dear sister!


    • Thanks, Julie, for your sweet words of encouragement. The details of it all will come out, in God’s time, in book form. This is what started my desire and calling to write. Blessings to you and yours.


  3. Kim

    Beautiful. Glad you had Jesus to hold you together. What a beautiful work of art life is.


  4. Sabra, I love the thought that Jesus is a binding agent that bonds us together stronger than we were before we came apart. I just really love that! I’m sorry your husband has suffered and your lives have been changed, but it truly is a wonderful thing to watch God work in our lives when they come completely unglued and He can gain so much glory in our brokenness. Love you, Meredith


    • The knowledge that God uses our hard times for His glory is what brings such great joy and hope and peace. I know you have experienced this in your own life, Meredith. Thanks. Have a blessed weekend!


  5. Mary Ann Kapral

    Sabra, what a blessing it is to see how the Lord has grown in you so that your ministry reaches the world! I pray for comfort and peace for you, and David in this holy season, as you are bringing such glory to His name. I will buy your book and tell David I said “Hi!”


    • So glad to hear from you, Mary Ann. Thank you for your sweet comments. I hope you and your family are well. I told David hello for you and he said to tell you hello as well. Blessings to you this Easter!


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