Ready for Spring?

See! The winter is past, the rains are over and gone. Flowers appear on the earth, the season of singing has come…

Has springtime blossomed in your neck of the woods yet?

I’m happy to report that deep in the heart of Texas spring is in full swing. The daffodils put on their showy display a few weeks back, always the first to burst into bloom and give us hope that warmer days are just around the corner.

Well, warmer weather is here. We’ve already broken out the shorts and flip-flops, and spring cleaning is on the schedule. The buzzing sounds of lawnmowers and weed-wackers greet the early weekend morning and the smell of fresh-cut grass permeates the air. The earth is a sea of green everywhere we look, in every hue imaginable.

And then there’s the wildflowers. God’s great celebration of the new beginning, like crowning jewels on the landscape. And Texas has a beautiful array.


I love the verse above from Song of Songs 2:11-12: “The winter is past…flowers appear…the season of singing has come….”

Indeed, it is time to celebrate. And all of God’s creation seems to be singing His praise!


Back in January, in the dead of winter, my sweet husband and I wrote out a bucket list of sorts–things we wanted to do for fun this year. Money is tight, so we chose things that cost little or nothing. And one of the first things my husband mentioned was driving around to see the wildflowers when spring rolled around.


Yesterday we had the pleasure of hopping in the car, driving out west of town, and hunting for these little beauties. And what a colorful bounty of blooms we found!



Many flowers come and go so fast we can miss their beauty. Like a celebration of God’s goodness, we must plan and schedule and make time to enjoy them.



These glorious treasures remind me that the same is true of the people in our lives. Often opportunities to spend time and celebrate life with them come and go so quickly we can miss them. How often are we so busy and distracted and our schedules so loaded that we miss the precious moments God is providing? Moments that may never come our way again. Moments like spending a Saturday afternoon with my wonderful husband rejoicing in God’s blessings.


I look at my grown children and wonder how their childhood was over so quickly. I feel my dad’s absence and miss the days of his smiles and silly jokes. I visit my mom, who is having more difficulty these days, and realize the days are growing shorter that I will get to share laughs and hugs with her. And my own sweet husband–my miracle man. I remember just how close to death he came and how each day is a precious gift with him. I don’t want to miss any of it.


Like flowers that burst into bloom and quickly fade, so are opportunities to celebrate life with those we love.

We don’t know if the opportunity before us will ever come again. But the Lord has given it to us now. Let us take hold of it and not let go!

The season for singing has come! Let’s celebrate!

Dearest Father, thank You for the beauty of spring! Thank You that new life springs forth from the earth and Your glory is seen across the landscape. Let us not miss any of it, Lord. Help us to celebrate this life You have given us with those you have placed in our lives. Let us lift up songs of praise to You and rejoice in Your glory!…In Jesus’ name, Amen.


All Scripture from New International Version of the Bible, 1984.
Photos by Sabra Penley.

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20 responses to “Ready for Spring?

  1. Julie Lefebure

    Sabra, this is beautiful! I love your post, your words and your photos. Thank you for sharing your finds from your drive yesterday. I find it interesting, I said something similar to my son tonight about how his childhood passed so quickly. I’m with you… I don’t want to miss a single thing God gives to me to enjoy! Thank you for the beautiful prayer too. Have a beautiful and blessed week!


    • Julie, your sunset and sunrise photos inspired me to do this post. God’s creation speaks so loudly, and I want to make sure I’m listening. So much to celebrate! Thank you, Julie. Blessings to you!


  2. I love spring too. I find it lifts my spirits and makes me more grateful. I really miss the bluebonnets terribly. We’re usually on furlough at this time of year and get to see them. Do you by chance live in Austin???? When you mentioned the hill country and driving west of town, it made me wonder. That would be a big coicidence!


  3. I love this scripture…the season of singing…yes indeed! As I hear the birds singing even as I type. I was thinking the same thing this morning as the world was waking up outside and the sun came up. Such beauty that we often miss for not taking time to look and ponder it all. Great thoughts from you to ponder on today. And I’m jealous of that wildflower hunt with your man. What a great way to spend a day! 😀 Blessings to you and thank you for these words today…xoxo, Meredith


    • These moments are the ones we remember most. Those that are shared with those we love that really cost nothing at all. Just rejoicing in the blessings the Lord has already given us. What a precious gift! Maybe you and your family can go on a hunt of your own! If you do, please share the joy with us!


  4. Charlie McCain

    Thanks for making us slow down a bit and think of the things that truely matter, Sabra! The beautiful pictures were a bonus!   God bless you, David and your family.   In Him, Charlie & Linda



  5. Love your vivid descriptions Sabra, especially the freshly cut grass. It always reminds me of when my dad cut the grass while we dodged the mower!


  6. Kathryn Shirey

    Love this and your beautiful photos! Great reminder to slow down and cherish the everyday moments. Had fun this weekend walking around our yard with my 4yr old looking at all the flowers starting to bloom. He’s so excited at seeing the irises open up overnight.


  7. This is truly beautiful. Snow returned to our neck of the woods but I know Spring is coming. Great reminder for us . . . thank you so much for writing and sharing.


  8. Stunning photos, Sabra! I love photographing flowers whenever there aren’t any birds around to photograph ;). My husband is also a walking miracle–so I know exactly what you mean about ‘celebrating life with those we love’ whenever the opportunity arises. I’m glad I found you on Inspire Me Mondays :).


    • Welcome, Anita! Thank you for sharing. Photographing God’s amazing creation is always a joy, isn’t it! Praying God’s continued blessings on your husband’s health and for your whole family.


  9. Beautiful post and pictures, Sabra. Spring is just starting here in western MD and I am so ready! It’s great that you and your husband took some time to slow down and enjoy God’s creation. I’m a nature person too, and it always makes me feel closer to Him. Thanks for sharing!


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