My Crowded Heart

My dear friends, the post below is an exercise in free writing, in conjunction with Lisa-Jo Baker’s Five Minute Fridays (see link below). Each week Lisa-Jo presents a word prompt. This week, it is CROWD. The idea is to write for five minutes about this one word, whatever is on my heart. It’s an exercise in quickly putting thoughts into words. No editing, no revising. Just writing.
This week’s word prompt is CROWD. (I don’t think there is a time limit on thinking about writing. But today, I barely took a minute before I started. Maybe next time I’ll take a little longer with the prep.) Anyway, here we go…


There’s a crowd in my heart.

A crowd of longing. Longing for the things of God. Longing to be more like Him. Longing to glorify Him with my every thought, word, and deed.

A crowd of hope. Hope that I can be used by God for His purposes to bring light and joy and comfort to others. Hope that I will be found faithful in the eyes of the Lord. Hope that everything I do will shout His love to others.

A crowd of joy. Joy that my heavenly Father loves me…is working in me and on me and through me. Joy that Jesus has saved me from all that is ugly and cold and dark in my soul. Joy that this life is not all there is…there’s an eternity in heaven.

There’s a  crowd in my heart—longing for all that God is, for the hope He brings, for the joy He gives.


Thanks for taking the time to read this little writing exercise. As a new writer, I need all the practice I can get.

Five Minute Friday

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4 responses to “My Crowded Heart

  1. It’s really about our hearts, isn’t it? What an interesting take on the word crowd. Thank you for creatively thinking about this word and how it applies to our spiritual lives. Keep writing and sharing your thoughts.


  2. Wow! I love this perspective on the writing prompt. Everyone seems to have thought of something different. Thanks for sharing!


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